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Perfect Mind | The Simpliest Way to Run a Successful Member-Based Business

The Leading All-in-One Solution for Member-Based Health & Wellness Business

Grow faster with your finger on the pulse of your critical success factors

Foster a winning culture with an efficient, stress free business

The Simpliest Way to Run a Successful Member-Based Business

Imagine your business running smoothly with more paying members… and you, with more time and freedom to enjoy life. That’s PerfectMIND. It takes your business from good to great. It’s the simplest truly all-in-one software solution that helps you:

Get More Members

Recognizes and multiplies your most effective marketing activities for accelerated, manageable growth.

Boost Member Retention

Predicts when members may quit and alerts you before it happens to prevent cancellations and increase your cash-flow.

Increase Sales & Profits

Reveals new sources of income and lifts your lifetime member value while reducing staff involvement and overhead.

Save Time & Stay Organized

Automates repetitive tasks, including class booking, attendance tracking, billing, lead-generation, follow-up, and more.

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With PerfectMIND at the helm of your operations, finances and marketing:

  • The essential (often neglected) tasks you don’t enjoy get done without more staff
  • Your business is equipped to grow faster and manage that growth for years
  • One solution for everything frees up time so you can do more of what you love
  • Your members get more of the quality service and attention they deserve

Client Results

Over 5,000 small-to-enterprise sized businesses have turned to PerfectMIND software.

Revenue was up 11% yet billing expenses were down 30%. That's a $4,000 savings for the fourth quarter...

Mario Guerero

My questions have always been received in a calm, friendly and professional manner since I started working with the PerfectMIND in 2010. I appreciate this very much!

Laura Cooney

Our managers and employees are continually amazed at the increased revenue and efficiencies we are experiencing since we started using PerfectMIND.

Gary R. Meyer

Why PerfectMIND

We understand what you do, why you do it, and the challenges you face as you pursue your passion. Because PerfectMIND was created out of necessity by the owner of a member-based business much like your own.

Whether you run a small business or enterprise, nothing is easier or more capable of managing and growing your organization. And it’s so simple, you can execute nearly any task in 3 clicks or less.

Add Horsepower to Your business

What if you had an office manager, a bookkeeper and a sales and marketing team?
You’d have more free time, less stress, and more paying members. PerfectMIND does exactly that without the need for additional employees or any other software.


  • Sell Online & Point of Sale
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Phone & Text Broadcasting
  • Simple Web Page Creator
  • Social Sharing


  • Predictive Attendance Tracking
  • Online Class Booking
  • Staff & Resource Scheduler
  • Time Clock Tracking
  • Cloud Documents
  • Digital Signatures
  • Smart Dashboard


  • Billing & Bookkeeping
  • Auto Re-billing & Collections
  • Scans & Calculates Receipts
  • Real-time Financial Stats
  • Payroll Data Import

The Heart & Soul of Your Business at a Glance

The Smart Dashboard distills all of its features and your entire business into one dummy-proof control panel. Customize it to reveal the stats you want. And with any task just 3 clicks away, you have more clarity and control over your business than you ever thought possible!

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Sell Anything Online and at Your Location

Today's consumers buy online and on their phones. Capitalize on this growing trend with PerfectMIND's secure, mobile-friendly online store. Sell memberships, subscriptions, gear, gift cards, private sessions and more, in your facility and on your website, around the clock.

Automated Email Marketing

If there's one way to get more business fast, this is it. Let PerfectMIND respond to all your leads instantly and automatically by email. The system continues to follow up with successive emails (or newsletters) that inform, nurture, and sell anything you have to offer.

Phone & Text Broadcasting

Share news, events, class updates and more with hundreds of members in the time it takes to reach just one. Send recorded voice announcements and/or text messages to your members in one easy step.

Simple Web Page Creator

Create effective lead-generation web pages in minutes. Now you can promote your your memberships, trial classes, events, or anything else with ease. Never let the cost of a web designer (or lack of one) keep you from flooding your business with qualified leads.

A New Twist on Attendance Tracking

Don't just track attendance. Let PerfectMIND predict when members may quit by monitoring key cancellation indicators. Stop reacting and start nurturing relationships to prevent cancellations before they happen. Saves you time and preserves your precious cash-flow.

Hassle-Free Staff and Resource Scheduling

Schedule your staff members, rooms and equipment with one simple interface – increasing efficiency and reducing schedule conflicts. Even your members can book (and buy) classes directly online.

Secure Cloud Documents & Digital Signatures

Go digital. Reduce paperwork. Eliminate clutter with digital signatures and document storage. No matter where you are, PerfectMIND brings your entire business to your fingertips via your computer, iPad/tablet or Smartphone around the clock.

Billing & Bookkeeping Without the Burden

PerfectMIND makes your billing easier, faster and ultra-affordable. It collects payments, posts them to the built-in accounting program, produces reports for you and your accountant and so much more. Keeps all your tax data current and available in just a few clicks.

Re-billing & Collections Made Easy

If a member misses a payment, PerfectMIND re-bills them automatically, and sends you an alert. No need to allocate time for collecting missed payments again. With PerfectMIND, your entire business remains financially solid without extra effort from you or your staff.

Affordable and Flexible

PerfectMIND does the work of one or more full time employees. It can be customized to suit your business with a variety of apps. Yet it costs less per month than a day’s wage.
And unlike other software, it includes:

Unlimited users

Free 24-hour support

Free staff training


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