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Farid Dordar

PerfectMIND December 2011 Release!

PerfectM!ND in the Browser

RSVP is here

Send an RSVP for your events! Your attendees get a message asking them if they will be attending, and you can view their responses on the event to get an idea of how many people will be showing up for your special event, workshop, seminar, etc.

Schedule App

New feature updates show events that have reached their capacity as being Full instead of removing them from the schedule, customize the text for the "Book" link, and show the time for events in different time zones at their own local time.

Email App

Email lists are simpler, easier, and better. Click the To: field to see the lists. Select a list, view the recipients, even remove recipients from the list. Lists will appear along with contacts when you type in the To: field as well.

Social messages! Social Sharing expands your audience to include your recipients social networks. A message with Social Sharing lets recipients share, Like, and post links to an automatically generated page for people to view.


Use ACH / EFT as a payment option when checking out. This new payment option also lets you set up automatic and ongoing payments for items such as memberships. You can enable ACH / EFT for your Members who purchase from your website in your Billing Settings, but by default it applies to employees only.

Email receipts from Checkout! You have the option to email the customer a copy of the receipt, and if the customer does not have an email on file, enter it right there and it automatically updates their contact information.

Print receipts from a payment by going to the original payment and clicking the Print Receipt button, or print a receipt for the entire transaction from the Transaction record itself.

Pages and Presentation

Left Side Panel !  Views appear on the left side of the page, for simple and highly visible user navigation. Great for allowing users to find and select information for things such as product presentation, categorization and more.

Reports are more readable and functional, with features such as column re-sizing for regular reports, improved printing to print only the report and not the entire page, and exporting report data.

Forms are faster, easier, and simpler. Simply insert a form into a page using a button! Edit a page, click the Insert Form button, and select from your existing forms, update the formatting, preview it, and insert it right into the page where you want it to go. No more navigating back and forth and copy and paste.

New Lookup! Click a Lookup field and add a new record right from the pop up window. No more going back and forth to a different tab, just enter and save. Setup and data entry are much faster when entering a marketing campaign, referral source, etc.

December 14, 2011

Vahid Shababi

Very exciting!