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Simple. Intuitive. Software to Manage & Market Your Business.

Join over 5,000 businesses that rely on PerfectMIND to grow their member-based business

Imagine your business running smoothly with more paying members… and you, with more time and freedom to enjoy life. That’s PerfectMIND. It takes your business from good to great. It’s the simplest truly all-in-one software solution that helps you:

Get More Members

Recognizes and multiplies your most effective marketing activities for accelerated, manageable growth.

Boost Member Retention

Predicts when members may quit and alerts you before it happens to prevent cancellations and increase your cash-flow.

Increase Sales & Profits

Reveals new sources of income and lifts your lifetime member value while reducing staff involvement and overhead.

Save Time & Stay Organized

Automates repetitive tasks, including class booking, attendance tracking, billing, lead-generation, follow-up, and more.

Add Horsepower to Your business

What if you had an office manager, a bookkeeper and a sales and marketing team?
You’d have more free time, less stress, and more paying members. PerfectMIND does exactly that without the need for additional employees or any other software.


  • Classes, Courses, Drop-ins and Private Scheduling
  • Activity and Facility booking
  • Ongoing, Limited and Session based Membership
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  • Leads and Inquiries
  • Smart Email Marketing
  • CMS and Landing pages
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  • Automated Billing and Collection
  • Instructor Payroll and Commission
  • Automated Bookkeeping
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Affordable and Flexible

PerfectMIND does the work of one or more full time employees. It can be customized to suit your business with a variety of apps. Yet it costs less per month than a day’s wage. And unlike other software, it includes:

Free 24-hour support

Free staff training


Why PerfectMIND

We understand what you do, why you do it, and the challenges you face as you pursue your passion. Because PerfectMIND was created out of necessity by the owner of a member-based business much like your own.

Whether you run a small business or enterprise, nothing is easier or more capable of managing and growing your organization. And it’s so simple, you can execute nearly any task in 3 clicks or less.

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