Live Training

Get the most out of PerfectMind by attending our training sessions


Training Sessions

Maximize the potential of your new comprehensive business management software by taking advantage of our daily open and live training sessions. There are four live training sessions per day and you can log in at any time. Our success team will walk you through every function of PerfectMind and solve any issues you may be having in an open Q & A.

Daily start times include:
Mon, Wed, Fri at 10 am and 12 pm
(Pacific Standard Time)

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On-Site Training

If your culture, practices, staff, atmosphere, and day-to-day activities are not successful, your business won’t be either. Go beyond learning about your software and get highly targeted training by one of our experienced business and marketing consultants.

For a small additional charge, our on-site trainer will come to your location, thoroughly analyse your organization, and provide personalized tips on how to give your business the boost it needs.