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PerfectMind Prize Draw at ARPA 2020

Enter to WIN a Smartphone UV Sanitizer!

You can't wash your phone, but you can sanitize it with PhoneSoap 3 UV Sanitizer. PhoneSoap neutralizes the bacteria that other phone cleaners can't kill. Sanitize & charge your phone with this device; With PhoneSoap, a charged phone is a clean phone.

Features of the PhoneSoap 2 UV Sanitizer: 

  • UV sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs
  • Fits all smartphones and most case sizes *
  • Safely sanitizes anything that fits inside (phone cases included)*
  • Acoustic audio amplifier allows you to hear alarms and notifications
  • Two charging ports allow it to act as a universal charger for any device
We hope you enjoy all of ARPA 2020! Learn more about PerfectMind and our leading parks and recreation management solution.
The flexibility and customization available in the PerfectMind application is fantastic. Our first big registration just two weeks after launch was a huge success. The online platform handled everything smoothly in what we normally did over two days! 

Max Delwo

City of Kamloops

Enter to Win a Smartphone UV Sanitizer!

PM2 ARPA 2020 - Prize Draw (ENT- Parks & Rec 2020)