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Get Your FREE COVID-19 Protective Measures Fact Sheet!

Share this information with your team and your members or students.


Need a quick way to share more information on protective measures staff and students or members to keep themselves and others safe in your building? Our downloadable PDF form provides actionable tasks they can take to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

This free fact sheet will help you educate on prevention measures, including:

  • Hand washing tips
  • Self-isolation protocols
  • Physical distancing guidelines
  • .. and more

It's not enough to have a course of action and follow it internally. This checklist will help you communicate those plans to members, and get both of you set up on this path together—even when you're apart.

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COVID-19 Screen Questionnaire

With the right membership management solution, you’ll find it easy to streamline processes, reduce routine tasks, improve member experience, and grow your community.

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