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Email Marketing Laws: How Your Business Can Follow The Rules

Avoid penalties under anti-spam laws, and build stronger relationships with your member database.


Email marketing rose to popularity in the late 1990s, with the dot-com boom which saw a huge shift in digital behaviours from both consumers and companies.

As people moved online, so did brands—and so did their communications. But email marketing didn’t quite take off as fast as other means of digital marketing did solely because of one thing that is still being fought today: Spam.

This ebook will cover the basics of adhering to regulations, including:

  • Obtaining consent
  • Including appropriate, relevant content
  • Allowing easy unsubscribing if necessary
  • .. and much more!

In the years since the dot-com bubble burst, governments have now intervened to prevent wide-spread junk mail from getting into the wrong inboxes. As you move into the realm of email marketing, it is crucial to understand what these anti-spam laws consist of, and what you can do to comply with them. Download this guide now to learn everything you need to know!

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Email Marketing Laws: How Your Business Can Follow The Rules

With the right membership management solution, you’ll find it easy to streamline processes, reduce routine tasks, improve member experience, and grow your community.

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