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How To Use Attendance Tracking Software To Boost Retention Rates

See how attendance tracking can help you soar to new heights.


At your activity centre's are your members. If you have a small base, gyms may not see the importance of attendance tracking. But when your business grows in size, keeping track of attendance off the top of your head can become more and more difficult.
Even with notebooks, organisation, and a good memory, it is challenging to see patterns in your members attendance or draw conclusions about who might be about to cancel their membership for good.

This ebook will show you all the ways attendance tracking software helps you build your activity centre up, including:

  • Keeping systems convenient
  • Spotting potential dropouts before they leave
  • Sending check-in alerts to keep members informed
  • .. and much more!

This guide will help you realise your fullest potential in retaining members—fill out the form to download now!

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With the right membership management solution, you’ll find it easy to streamline processes, reduce routine tasks, improve member experience, and grow your community.

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