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Facility Management Software

With PerfectMind, facility management has never been easier.
Manage bookings, schedules, and rentals for indoor and outdoor facilities, parks, fields, campgrounds, meeting spaces, party venues, and access more features with our powerful facility management software. Use facility management software to automate time-consuming tasks and focus on what truly matters: your community.
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screenshot of PerfectMind's facility management software

Facility Booking Software

Make facility booking and scheduling hassle-free online or on-site. PerfectMind’s web based facility management software uses a wide variety of features to easily handle large contracts, waivers, recurring bookings, and more. Use our software to help facility managers keep track of maintenance, work orders, and more in real time.
    • Advance booking management for facilities
    • Easy facility contract amendments
    • Dependent facility management
    • Conflict management system for facilities
    • Quick rental asset management for facilities
    • Facility capacity management
    • Maintenance management
    • Sell equipment and add-ons for facilities
    • Questionnaires and waivers for facilities
    • Configurable facility contract templates
    • Overnight and recurring booking management for facilities
Facility Management Software-Facility booking-1
screenshot of calendar and facility maps in facility management software

Interactive Calendar & Map Software

Easily access interactive maps and manage facility maintenance! With our web based facility management software, provide a real-time view of availability across your network of meeting rooms, fields, pools, courts, and other public-facing facilities using our interactive calendar and facility maps.
    • Integrated facility calendar with multiple views
    • Interactive facility map with clickable pins
    • Color-coded availability indicators for facilities
    • Robust facility search features
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Automated Facility Lighting Software

Use facility management software to reduce energy use! Save on energy and maintenance costs, by turning lights on only when they’re needed by integrating with leading automated lighting solutions, allowing you to manage lighting within facilities and related fees with full control and flexibility.
    • Time zone support software
    • Configurable lighting fees
    • Buffer time for lights on/off
    • Dawn and dusk calculations for your facility
Facility Management Software-Automated Facility Lighting