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Member Management

Managing your leads, clients and members made simple and efficient using our contact relationship management software.  Streamline and automate your communication to reduce administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important: your customers.
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Flexible Membership

Sell multiple memberships under the same profile and customize your memberships just the way you like them. Effortlessly sell and manage groups, family and multiple membership
    • Multi-program memberships
    • Automatic membership renewal
    • Ongoing membership support
    • Freeze and hold memberships
    • Group and family memberships
    • Sell membership on your website
    • Multiple fees and payment plans
    • Manage per station access 
    • Punch passes, limited by time or class membership
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Contacts and Accounts

Manage all your customer information from a central location. Handle schedules, duplicates, family members, course levels activities, financial information, and documents for each contact and group account.
    • 360 activity views
    • Prompt and alerts
    • Group and family accounts
    • Rank and Level management
    • Duplicate account management
    • Account credits and overdues
    • Role-based page layouts
    • Subsidy allocation and approval
    • Voice broadcast and SMS notifications
    • Online customer access
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Staff Management

View all staff schedules in one master calendar. Empower staff to take control of their schedules by letting them set their availability from any smart device.
    • Staff timeclock
    • Payroll management
    • Availability and scheduling
    • Volunteer management
    • Role-based permissions
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screenshot of online documents in member management software

Document Management

Centralize and organize documents from anywhere. Create, save, print, upload, and manage your documents for your organization securely in the cloud.
    • Customize cards, labels and certificates 
    • HTML, MS Word merge document support
    • Send to Sign for contracts and renewals
    • Upload PDF, images and photos
    • Tax receipt 
    • Digital Signature
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