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Case Study: Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts


Success Story

Grogan’s Academy Realizes One Man is Not Enough

Master Rich Grogan is owner of Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts in Edwardsville, Illinois, where he teaches kids and adults life skills, fitness and self defense. Rich uses PerfectMind to automate numerous aspects of his business, so his academy grows while he devotes his time to his students.



in student enrollment


monthly revenue increase


time spent managing business operations

Their Story


Rich Grogan has studied martial arts for over 35 years. However, he quickly learned these skills did not help him in operating a business. Rich had the foresight to implement the PerfectMind platform that would thrust his Martial Arts Academy to success.

I was trying to do everything myself, as a one man band. I was not properly following up with current students, leads, or intros. I was not collecting tuition payments consistently, and I was using a poor tracking method.

Rich Grogan
Owner of Grogan's Academy

Their Goal

Automate, grow and serve more of the community

Rich knew his students needed face-to-face time with him. But hours of administrative and follow-up activities were consuming the bulk of his time. With PerfectMind, Rich discovered a single tool would free him up to nurture his students and grow his business.

With PerfectMind, we can focus all our attention on the areas that are most important - providing the absolute best customer service and best martial arts classes.

Rich Grogan
Owner of Grogan's Academy


Their Solution

In order to grow, Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts required one simple platform to manage administrative, billing and marketing tasks better than he could himself.


  • Automated Billing
  • Email Automation
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Belt/Rank Management
  • 24-hour Support


  • Eliminated hours of collecting tuition manually
  • Hands-free nurturing increased student sign-ups and retention
  • Reduced drop-outs by identifying when students may be losing interest
  • Streamlined belt promotions and belt testing with auto notifications
  • Fast access to help with 20-second average response time

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Their Success


Continuous growth and time-savings

Thanks to PerfectMind, Rich Grogan was able to grow from a home-based 600 sq. ft. studio to a 3,600 sq. ft. academy with an expanded student base to support it. Grogan’s Academy has since been awarded 2016 Business of the Year by the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce.

Results include:

  • 760% increase in enrollment (from 25 to 190 students)
  • 750% average monthly revenue increase (from $2,000 to $15,000 per month)
  • 80% less time spent managing business operations

I am now in control of my business and it’s growing every day because of PerfectMind.

Rich Grogan
Owner of Grogan's Academy

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