Do You Google?

This one hour webinar focuses on how to utilize Google to enhance free marketing efforts for the park and recreation professional.

Attendees will learn basic and enhanced strategies of how to be the first ranked search every time a customer is looking for their program, facility or service. Through these basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) attendees can then include their staff to ensure their page rankings are first. Attendees will also learn how to create a Google business, and at least five other helpful platforms Google offers completely for free.


About the Speaker:


Frank Carson, CPRS District 12 President & Recreation Services Manager

Frank is the Recreation Services Manager for the City of El Cajon Recreation Department. He is the Past President of the California Park & Recreation Society, District 12 (San Diego & Imperial Counties). Frank has worked in park and recreation for over 25 years and 20+ of those years in a supervisory capacity.