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5.1.1 - March 27th, 2018 (Environments: BETA, Live1)

Hotfixes were applied to all BETA and Live1 environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Can't add program to family member on membership
  • Activities - Date of Last Seizure field autopopulating on member-side creation
  • Activities - Error when adding service to membership
  • Activities - Error while saving after removing a service from membership
  • Activities - Facility Booking not loading icon after excluding session and saving
  • Activities - Facility Contract cancellation Fee calculating incorrectly
  • Activities - Facility contract totals are incorrect
  • Activities - Lag when editing sessions start and end time
  • Activities - No pay now button // unable to complete booking
  • Activities - Not able to relocate pins on facility map
  • Activities - PM Scan CND not auto updating to
  • Activities - PMScan showing Incorrect spelling of 'Attended'
  • Activities - Simultaneous online Facility Booking ties different transactions to same contract
  • Activities - Unable to add service on membership and save record
  • Billing - Unable to process a payments
  • Clients - Error Saving Address member side
  • Clients - Unable to merge specific contacts
  • Online Booking - Activate Login Summary popup there are 3 "Create Logins" has links that do nothing
  • Online booking - Online Booking Widget - 500 Internal Server Error
  • POS - Option to select size/colour not presented when selecting POS button for product with multiple sizes
  • POS - Unable to sell product
  • Reports - Run Statement not showing data - generating an error
  • Reports - Tax receipt showing incorrect year
  • Settings - Default Document Templates settings missing
  • Settings - Neighbourhood code not being updated when editing the contact by member user