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5.1.1 - April 16th, 2018 (Environments: BETA)

Software updates were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Attend and pay with prorate fee payment plan picker dialogue does not show up
  • Activities - Can't open contract
  • Activities - Clicking on the contract in advanced reservation does nothing
  • Activities - Client photo not showing on PM Scan when scanning
  • Activities - Custom Booking Per Day fee selection not following membership constraint
  • Activities - Custom Booking Fees will not populate when enrolling into 2 events with mismatching fees
  • Activities - Customer booking Shows date as yellow despite no one is registered
  • Activities - Excluding session does not save
  • Activities - Extras Fee details on facility contract have no sort order
  • Activities - Pending reservations not showing on facility contracts
  • Activities - System does not allow FA-1036 to complete amendment
  • Activities - Time line View on Advance Reservation not showing full day when selected
  • Activities - Unable to load event (timeout)
  • Activities - Unable to save changes to extras on large contract
  • Billing - Deposits not received
  • Documents - Cannot save/merge signed document
  • Documents - Membership Agreement not pulling payee on checkout
  • POS - Does not ask for size and color when selecting product to add to cart
  • POS - Shopping cart icon missing from top-right of screen on Checkout 2.0
  • Reports - Event Master miscalculating total hours
  • Reports - Maintenance report not showing instructions for setup/take down for broken sessions
  • Reports - Setup/Takedown instructions not showing for some events in the Master Event Report