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5.1.6 Hotfix - April 2nd, 2019 (Environments: GA)

Hotfixes were applied to all GA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Billing, CRM, Online Community - Financial Information is saved to transaction owner, not to person logged in
  • Accounting, Facility & Space - Partial return of security deposit posts no GLs
  • Billing - Students show up as overdue at the checkout page when they are not overdue
  • Accounting - No GL created for Facility Contract with Extra Fee & Security Deposit
  • CRM - Temp password triggering 200 error
  • Facility & Space - Adv. Reservation Availability View - Booked Date is 1 Day behind the Selected Date
  • Facility & Space - Cant process and keeps rendering
  • Facility & Space - Advanced Reservations: Date changes upon selecting a date from calendar
  • Accounting - There is no GL posting when punch pass is scanned in with checkin
  • Facility & Space - Cannot refund security deposit
  • CRM - Unable to terminate membership from membership tile
  • Calendar - Unable to withdraw client from the event
  • Calendar - Error on previewing Facility Booking Report - Clone for 5.1.6