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5.1.1 - April 23rd, 2018 (Environments: BETA)

Software updates were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Calendar Events Now showing up for Assistant Staff if main staff is removed from calendar filter
  • Activities - Cannot Apply Withdraw Fee
  • Activities - Dependant Facility Field UI duplicating facility name
  • Activities - Member side questionnaire missing fields
  • Activities - Membership by time not attending client and providing access
  • Activities - Reservations cart - extras links not working
  • Activities - Withdrawal refund amount incorrect
  • Activities - Memberships with no access Allowing Access to Drop Ins
  • Billing - Scheduled invoices not processing automatically on schedule (CODE FIX)
  • Documents - Gift card layout is broken when emailing them
  • Documents - Merge field "NumberOfPayments" pulling $ sign with it
  • POS - CVV Field Not Displaying correctly in IE11, Windows 7
  • POS - Payment plan was applied online
  • POS - Unable to sell memberships
  • POS - Unexpected Error Occurred when processing payments
  • Settings - Custom report not visible to users that have folder and object permission