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5.1.2 - May 9th, 2018 (Environments: LA)

Software updates were applied to all LA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Advanced Reservations Does not load
  • Activities - Facility Contract refund amount must be greater than 0
  • Activities - Facility contract termination refund amount must be greater than 0 error when refund amount greater than 0
  • Activities - Facility Filter displaying facilities inconsistently
  • Activities - Fee not available for online booking but available for admins
  • Activities - Not creating reservations properly or attaching fees
  • Activities - Object reference not set to an instance of an object when completing amendment
  • Activities - Payment plan down payment not being applied
  • Activities - PmScan not displaying students image
  • Activities - System allowing to pick inactivate payment plan
  • Activities - Unable to open services under settings
  • Activities - Widget Menu is not displaying properly
  • Clients - Records and punch pass usages doesn't line up
  • Documents - Registration Confirmation payment date/amount loops multiple times
  • Documents - Registration Confirmation same fee is being displayed for enrollees despite having paid different fees
  • Documents - Self Signature Submit button does not work on iPad Safari
  • Documents - Tax on Registration Confirmation document is showing different amount from the transaction
  • GLs - Refunds using default GL, not revenue GL
  • POS - Able to over use subsidy using split payments at POS
  • POS - Able to overuse account credit on Checkout 2.0
  • POS - Total allocated amount incorrect after discount applied
  • Reports - Maintenance Report "Calendar" showing wrong calendars selected when running form saved filters
  • Reports - Select all calendar not saved as a saved setting on maintenance report
  • Settings - Anti Forgery cookie token error
  • Settings - Email not being sent when workflow triggered