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5.1.3 - July 16th, 2018 (Environments: BETA)

Software updates were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Actitivities - Custom Booking Amendments charges the full amount instead of the difference
  • Actitivities - Custom Booking is Divide by zero error when amending
  • Actitivities - Error when processing contract with payment plan
  • Actitivities - Fee selector not showing both prime/non-prime fees when they apply
  • Actitivities - Not showing the new facility when coming back to Reservation Sessions List menu
  • Actitivities - Online Booking Scheduling conflict when there are no conflicts
  • Actitivities - Prompts on Registration Confirmation out of Order
  • Actitivities - Reservation start date 1 day after selected date on Contract Rollover
  • Actitivities - Session fee calculations incorrect after rollover
  • Actitivities - Unable able to create calendar events with a chief instructor profile
  • Actitivities - Unable to rollover contract
  • Billing Unable to pay with CNP because transactions and invoices are not synced with the billing service
  • POS Products Price field not displaying the currency symbol
  • Reports - Sales information report showing incorrect revenue for memberships sales
  • Staff - Membership Audit list , and Taxable Sales Report not showing in reports