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5.1.3 - August 1st, 2018 (Environments: LA)

Software updates were applied to all LA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Calenda Event showing under the wrong time in day view
  • Activities - Grammar error for expiring membership indication
  • Activities - PMScan not posting to gl for punch pass
  • Activities - Reservation Cart displaying extra fees with tax included
  • Activities - Shows no facility in facility field, unable to complete booking
  • Activities - System is not showing any validation message, when employee profile create a Service view with already existing name.
  • Clients - Finance Info - CVV field is blank on edit after saving
  • Clients - Log in profile changes are not applied to users
  • Clients - Symbol next to Student name not updating real time, after Terminating Membership
  • Clients - User Fee profile sees 2 User Fee profiles when creating a new view for Clients (Issue 569).
  • GL - EFT In-progress payment posted to GL
  • POS - Backdating Membership Activation Dates manually saves wrong by 1 day
  • POS - Finance Info - CVV field is blank on edit after saving
  • POS - Product UI formatting overlapping button
  • POS - Subsidy error message when attempting to delete
  • Reports - Facility Booking Report - session not appearing
  • Reports - Facility Schedule report showing phantom bookings
  • Reports - GL export including days of the following month.
  • Settings - Cannot access objects/profiles through smart client
  • Settings - Musco auto upload not working
  • Settings - Musco not saving musco start and end time correctly
  • Settings - Next Payment Due Date not being updated on MembershipDetail