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5.1.4 - August 20th, 2018 (Environments: BETA)

Software updates were applied to all BETA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Payment Plan Popup Long contract name overlapping line
  • Activities - Changing facility then using bulk update changes all fees
  • Activities - Error on Saving Book Me Settings with enabling "Enforce Prerequisite Event" settings
  • Activities - Extra Fees section in Facility Booking Agreement shows extra tax to tax included equipment
  • Activities - Facility time not following event time
  • Activities - Invalid payment plan type error for Activity enrollment with Custom Payment plan if override Course Fee
  • Activities - Mmanage contract page showing incorrect paid amount
  • Activities - Not allowing to select start date as end date for service time in advanced reservation
  • Activities - On Attendance banner the facility time should be same format of facility time on event tab
  • Billing - Automated Late Fee UI is distorted
  • Billing - Missing transaction on PM
  • Billing - Ongoing transaction with Membership+Services, creates $0.00 Future invoices
  • Billing - Unable to reverse in-house credit card payment back to same payment method
  • Clients - Cant process membership transaction after removing adult
  • Documents - Receipt printing incorrect HST for ongoing membership
  • GLs - No GL Journals created when purchasing limited by time and limited by class membership with pay on and payment plan
  • GLs - No Journals posted on return security deposit purchased with facility event
  • POS - Error when trying to sell an event which has payment plan, product as extra and 100% discount is applied
  • POS - Member created transactions are missing GL
  • Reports - AR Aging Report missing payments
  • Reports - Season year does not display on Event Group Roster