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5.1.3 - August 8th, 2018 (Environments: LA)

Software updates were applied to all LA environments to resolve the following issues:

  • Activities - Attendance history audit log required
  • Activities - Facility Multipick not showing correct details under "view sessions"
  • Activities - Facility Not showing all the fees online
  • Activities - Issue with Payment date for a Membership
  • Activities - Quotation not showing on the second search
  • Activities - Selecting date for Prorate will have next week's date populated instead
  • Activities - Service description filed not updating correctly online
  • Activities - The price changes if we try to change down payment and price on POS2
  • APIs - Address validation returns house number invalid when entering a valid/known address
  • Billing - Update fee button not holding its location
  • Clients - Editing and not updating email address should not trigger user-name change email
  • Clients - Required dropdown fields are not indicated as required
  • Clients - Schedule -> Navigate action button not working consistently
  • Clients - Unable to Edit Contacts
  • GLs - Extra Product not going to event GL when use event GL is selected
  • GLs - No GL journal entries created for walk-in customers to activities
  • Marketing - Email failing in Outbox
  • POS - Unexpected error occurred when processing payment
  • Reports - Accounting Export From and To date defect in IE
  • Reports - Prompt that is asked twice in questionnaire only shown once on "Event Roster By Series" report
  • Reports - Unable to display results for specific event ID on Prompts Report