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Change Management: Enabling Change for Lasting Results

Learn how to manage organizational change effectively

Duration: 41 mins

Webinar - Change Management

Every industry, including Parks and Recreation, is recognizing the real need to manage the pace of change to remain competitive, without impacting operations and the ability to provide great customer service.  This is no easy task. And the pace of change is only accelerating.

Change Management offers a systematic and practical way to manage change that will lead to positive and long-lasting results. Learn to build a foundation to manage future changes more effectively with change management expert, David Sawa.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the practical objectives and impacts of change management on your organization
  • Understand the change process people go through   
  • Identify practical ways to address the real-life challenges you face to reach the outcome you need
  • Recommend next steps and a tailored action plan for managing change

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The main reasons why change fails is the lack of active and visible sponsorship, insufficient change management resources, manager or front line employee resistance and the lack of experience managing behavioral change.
Webinar Speaker - David Sawa

Presented by David Sawa

Owner and Principal of Equium Consulting Group