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Data Security: A Framework for Success

Tips to Ensure You Are Protected

Duration: 36 mins

Webinar - Data Security: Framework for Success

With over 800,000 new security threats emerging daily, how can you protect yourself and your organization from a security breach? How important is data compliance? And what does a framework for success look like?

In this webinar, we are joined by PerfectMind's IT Manager, Arash Alizadeh as he tackles this pressing topic and how it relates to organizations in eastern United States.

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • The importance of data security and data compliance
  • Policies your organization should have in place to be compliant
  • Tips to ensure your organization is protected from security threats

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PCI is one of the most reputable security standards out there, that is very well drafted and once implemented correctly, based on the level of compliance you'd like to have, it will ensure a lot of good practices and lead to a really robust, almost bullet-proof solution.

Arash Alizadeh

IT Manager, PerfectMind