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How to Create Yoga Retreats That Sell Out

Tips on creating transformational yoga retreats

Duration: 45 mins

Webinar - How to Create Transformational Yoga Retreats that Sell Out

Retreats offer your students an experience that transcends regular yoga classes at the studio, and the benefits of leading a successful retreat are limitless.

In this webinar, we are joined by Paloma Barron Neuman, Co-Founder of Rock Your Yoga Retreat, as she maps out the 5 most important elements for retreat success. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a unique, signature retreat offering
  • Craft a beautiful retreat experience at your travel destination
  • Budget and price your retreat for success
  • Execute authentic marketing strategies to sell out your retreat
  • Align your retreat with a bigger vision

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Retreats offer the opportunity to have more leverage on your business, to have more autonomy, to feel more empowered because you're adding this additional revenue stream that empowers you to do what you want. 

Presented by Paloma Barron Neuman

Co-founder of Rock Your Yoga Retreat