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The “New Normal”: Essentials to Reopening Martial Arts Schools across North America

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Restrictions are easing across North America, and many martial arts studios are starting to re-open their doors. As we strive to create a “new normal”, you may be wondering: where can I start? On June 18th, at 11:00 AM PDT, we were joined by a panel of four martial arts business owners from both Canada and the United States including:
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  1. Frank Silverman, Executive Director, Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)
  2.  Master Ingrid Katzberg, Co-Owner & Head Instructor, Champions Martial Arts Academy
  3. Sensei Jason Wenneberg, Head Instructor, American Martial Arts Academy
  4. Grandmaster Tim Wakefield, Owner & Instructor, Shaolin Martial Arts Canada
Listen in as they share their advice and experiences on how they are successfully getting back to the mat during COVID-19.
In this webinar, the panel will discuss:
  • Best industry practices for re-opening your martial arts school
  • Providing the best customer experience
  • Tips & tricks to retaining students and attracting new ones
  • Answers to your burning questions (Q & A period)
  • ... and more!
Frank Silverman is the executive director of the Martial Arts Industry Association and the owner of eight martial arts schools in Orlando, Florida. He is also the author of Business is Business; Passion and Profit in the Martial Arts Industry. 
Master Ingrid Katzberg is the co-owner and head instructor of Champions Martial Arts Academy. With a background in health and fitness, she is also a fifth-degree black belt martial artist with over 35 years of training and instructing experience.
Sensei Jason Wenneberg is the lead operator of the American Martial Arts Academy. He focuses his efforts on mastering the teaching and business side of his family's school. Jason focuses on cutting through the b.s. and giving studio owners a clear—and proven—path to success.
Grandmaster Tim Wakefield is the owner of Shaolin Martial Arts Canada with senior certifications in several unique disciplines. He has trained and traveled the globe for over 36 years to expand his knowledge of the martial arts.


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